Designed just for you.

We all have special memories that we want to preserve. The treasures we collect along the way keep us connected to those times we hold dear & tell the stories of our lives.

At Ecofinery, in Toronto we want you to uncover those vintage pendants and brooches passed down from someone you love, reveal the boxes of collected tokens and give them a revamp!

Our creations give a modern twist to your keepsakes without losing their original spirit. Let us mingle your antiques, heirlooms & vintage trinkets together with items from our trove of unique findings to craft stunning finery that you will love to wear. At Ecofinery, in Toronto your sentimental bits are the soul of our designs.. You are the inspiration.

Eco-consciousness is second nature at Toronto based Ecofinery because of our unique upcycling methods. We are keeping cast-offs out of landfills while at the same time creating beautiful new accessories and upcycled necklaces  that are filled with meaning. We are devoted to creating sustainable fashion jewellery that lets you express your personal style & authenticity.

Love your little treasures again with Ecofinery!